Evening Tweed @ Pick Me Up

Friday, 30 April 2010

Evening Tweed is a collective of artists, illustrators and designers with its own room at Pick Me Up. Members Owen Gildersleeve and Thomas Forsyth explain the concept behind their space and the ideas surrounding their work for the fair...

Owen: We were asked to create a room which represented the universe of Evening Tweed. We're all country bumpkins at heart, so we thought it'd be quite nice to do a country manor set-up. With Somerset House being such a grand building, we thought it would be quite fitting, and it worked out far better than we could have planned.

: We've tried to work intuitively with the space and pull some organised clutter together.

Owen: A lot of it's hired. Lots of trips to various prop hire places and searching on the internet. At first it seemed like a daunting task, but it's come together, which is great.

We've done a special series of country manor prints, which we did specially for the show and specially for the theme of the room. We've all created new work for the show and we're also exhibiting some older stuff, so it's a real mix.

: I've been doing the drawing tops for a few years now, but the pencil coat-hooks are fresh. I pulled a batch together specially for the show.

Owen: We wanted the room to be a place where people could relax, chill out and enjoy the work - a little safe haven.

Tom's spinning tops have been getting a lot of attention. In a room with lots of stillness, they catch your attention.

Thomas: It's nice having something that's a little bit interactive. I've been doing drawing workshops with all sorts of toys - drawing toys mostly - but we didn't bring interactivity in loads for this show, just little touches.

Visit the Evening Tweed website.

Images: Sylvain Deleu

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